02 Gennaio 2019

A new technique for palatal reconstruction using a local flap with screw fixation after ablative surgery

Clinical case

Antonio Cortese, Mario Caggiano, Antonio Borri, Giuseppe Pantaleo, Pier Paolo Claudio

Objectives This study wants to show the cases of two patients who underwent a new reconstruction technique for wide palate defects through the use of a local flap.

Materials and methods The technique avoided the need to make any skin incision and helped to preserve the aesthetics of the face and skull. Two patients with non-painful tumors of the palate with a histopathological diagnosis of pleomorphic adenoma underwent the procedure.

The tumors were resected via an intra-oral approach combined with a Le Fort I osteotomy in one case, reconstructed by local flap fixed by screws.

Results Complete anatomical and functional reconstruction was achieved, without any postoperative complications. It was possible to completely resect the tumor mass with adequate excision of the margin, with good safety in terms of bleeding risks because of the direct view of the surgical resection field. Even in Le Fort I access case, good flap nourishment was achieved for firm flap fixation by screws.

Conclusions With this original technique, it was possible to achieve complete recovery of the palatine vault without any need of different area flaps. In this way we also avoided any skin incision in the face and skull areas that could affect the patient’s social life.

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doi: https://doi.org/10.19256/d.cadmos.01.2019.07


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