18 Ottobre 2016

Endoscopic assisted retrieval of lower third molars displaced into the pterygomandibular space

Original article

M. Berrone, C. Aldiano, F. Gardetto, V. Carbone, M. Pentenero

Objectives  The present report describes two cases of displacement of lower third molars. The teeth were displaced into the pterygomandibular space, close to the lower border of the mandible at the posterior margin of the mylohyoid muscle.
Materials and Methods  In both cases, panoramic radiography (OPT) and computed tomography (CT) scans were used to identify the location of the displaced molars for subsequent surgical removal. The molars were successfully removed under general anaesthesia by an intraoral lingual approach under endoscopic assistance.
Results and Conclusions  Displacement of a tooth or of a tooth fragment into important adjacent anatomic sites is one of the complications that can occur during third molar removal.
Endoscopically assisted surgery represents an interesting aid to reduce surgical trauma on the lingual nerve and provides better intraoperative lighting to assist visualization of deeply displaced lower third molars.

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