02 Gennaio 2017

Subacute necrotizing sialadenitis masquerading as salivary gland tumor. A case report

Case report

B.A.E.O. Khalele

Objectives  The aim of this work is to describe a case of Subacute Necrotizing Sialadenitis (SNS) masquerading histologically as a salivary gland tumor.

Materials and Methods  The rare histological picture of this case featured subacute inflammation, eosinophilia, acinar necrosis and ductal atrophy; SNS was identified, accordingly, as a distinct pathological entity. This case of SNS masqueraded histologically as a salivary gland tumor. Under local anesthesia, an incisional biopsy was obtained for microscopic examinations.

Because the treatment modalities of both categories are extremely different, this paper focuses on correctly analyzing the rare histological pattern of the reported case, for the sake of avoiding confusion.

Results and Conclusion  The SNS has an inflammatory nature, but may show a variety of histological pictures. Although SNS has an idiopathic etiology, trauma, infections and allergens could predispose to this condition.

Consistent with the previous findings, this study confirms the wide range of age affected by SNS, with a strong male predilection, and a striking predilection for the hard palate (75% of the reported cases).

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doi: https://doi.org/10.19256/d.cadmos.01.2017.09


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